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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home, finally!

I am home, but my luggage is not. Let me back up a few weeks.

Business trip to Phoenix - home 2 days - business trip to Dallas - 4 day weekend in Oklahoma City visiting my brother and his family again (this time I took my husband and kids to meet them all for the first time). I arrived on Thursday and had dinner with them. Friday he said his back was still hurting (had been for a couple of days). He says he was coughing too hard and couldn't catch his breath. Saturday - more of the same. Sunday we ended up in the ER and determined he had several heart attacks over the weekend.

My family boarded airplanes on Monday to return home - of course all different airlines and times. I went to Denver and they went to Houston. They made their connection to Phoenix, but my connection was cancelled. After multiple attempts to get on another flight (they are always overbooked) I arrive in Phoenix and my connection to Flagtaff is cancelled. Fortunately, my family had already arrived, retrieved the car and we all drove up the hill together. I still had to go to the Flagstaff airport to make a lost luggage report since I was told I couldn't do that in Phoenix because that wasn't my final destination. Whatever.

So I am off to work - still no luggage, but grateful that I didn't pack my laptop in my luggage like I usually do.

And, brother has 2 new stents, lots of new medications, and should be going home today or tomorrow.

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